Anonymous asked: how do you feel about people wearing headdresses for festivals and photo-shoots, etc? i see a lot of it on tumblr and i'm not native american so i'm not really sure why people get mad over it (not trying to seem rude) could you explain in further detail please?

I think it is extremely disrespectful to our culture. People who say that they are “honoring our culture” by doing so are wrong. Unless you have earned the headdress or warbonnet, you are not suppose to lay a finger on it. That is our tradition. Each feather is earned, it is very sacred to us. When I see people frolicking around in it, wearing it as an feels like mockery. We are not a novelty item to dance around in and I’m tired of being portrayed as so. 

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peaceful-shoress asked: Are you a vegan/vegetarian? (: Jw

I am! I started in 3rd grade, so it’s been about nine years now. xx

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Anonymous asked: What kind of person attracts you

Not exactly sure what you mean, but trait wise I would say: Intelligence, (at least being able to hold an intelligent conversation with me.) good sense of humor. Someone that can make me laugh, along with a love and passion for nature. For the most part, just a well-rounded person with a good heart. xx

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